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Plus Size Fashion Canada

By Kevin Elliott

It is kind of sad to see that women who are on the heavier side do not like to experiment. When it comes to plus size fashion, honestly you are spoilt for choice. Today there are so many options available to pick from.

First and foremost, here is a list of items every curvy girl MUST have in her wardrobe:

Jackets and cardigans - This is a life saver in a lot of cases. A slim-fitting jacket that accentuates and defines the waist is your best bet. Steer clear of anything that is bulky or adds volume to your body. Jackets are especially a must for women with a pear body shape, so that they can easily balance out and create an illusion of an hourglass body.

Smart fitting pants - Pants that fit perfectly around your thighs and does not have an overall slouchy feel to it is a complete must-have. You can team these up with formal shirts, blazers, and even with a well-tailored, figure-flattering party top. The idea is to get the fit right.

Skinny jeans - Surprised by the inclusion of skinny jeans on the list? Let’s burst the myth- it is often said that curvy women should not wear skinny jeans. Wrong! Wearing baggy or boyfriend jeans adds unnecessary volume to the body, skinny jeans gives a more toned look and makes your legs look shapelier. Try not to go for a very tight fit, look for skinny jeans that mould your leg well rather than sticking to it for dear life.

A black dress - Those who advise against dresses for curvy women have no idea of the latest trend and have probably been living under a rock. Plus size dresses have stormed the retail market and the choices available are extensive. A black dress- whether long or short- that is well-fitting, has lace or sheer detailing, and which complements your body shape will definitely turn heads. Just ensure that you do not overdo with the accessories.

Comfortable stilettos - Virtually subtract weight by adding a few inches! Heels are sexy and pairing them up with a black dress is oh-so-gorgeous. However, pay a lot of attention to the comfort since you would be putting your entire weight on these shoes and getting a wrong pair could mean terrible foot and back ache.

Belt with a chunky buckle - Create an instant hourglass shape with a big belt that has a chunky buckle. Style these up with your dress or top and you are good to go.

Shrug the hoodie and jeans look and try something new today. A-lined floral dresses are god for spring and summer, and if you want to try shorts and skirts, team them up with leggings.

One complete non-clothes related advice is to get a haircut that complements your face. If you have a plump face, avoid front fringes and blunt cut as that makes your face look bigger. Side fringes, spiked up pixie cut, and a layered hair look will help your face look slimmer and is easier to style too.