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PJ - Plus Size Lingerie Canada

Be snug and cozy in a pair of plus size pajamas that are so comfortable, you’d love to wear them all day round. Loose fitting plus size pajamas allow you to be active and move around freely. The fabric is extremely light and breathable, and special detailing has been done to provide added comfort around the thighs, buttocks, and waist area. You can choose from a variety of elastic and string pajamas. Whether you are looking for cute printed or solid colored ones, plus size pajamas come in an assortment of collection that you will absolutely love. Also, in case of plus size pajamas that come with an elastic band, the band has been covered with high-quality fabric and does not leave marks on the skin. You should choose the one befitting your size to get the maximum comfort and a good fit that would not exert undue pressure on your skin.

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