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Plus Size Swimsuits Canada

By Kevin Elliott

With summer just a couple of months away are you worried about what to wear to the beach or the poolside party? Most big girls feel a little insecure about their bodies and the wrong choice of swimwear doesn’t help the cause.

However, that was a thing of the past. With the astounding amount of plus size swimwear collection, every curvaceous girl can take her pick, and not just based on size but also on shape.

Plus size swimwear has been specifically designed for the curvy body, taking in consideration all the strong and unflattering points, and offering solutions to tone, firm, contours, and shape your body to make it look more proportionate and make you look downright amazing.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? If you're finding this hard to believe then you need to check out the collection for yourself.

But before that, here are a few tips to help you pick up the perfect swimwear suited for your body:

Apple Body Shape - If you have an overall heavy upper body and a relatively slimmer lower body, you are apple shaped. The first thing that you need to keep in mind while hunting for a swimwear is whether it enhances your bust and accentuates your waistline. The goal is to create a defined waistline.

Look for swimwear that has built in support around the bust area and a tummy trimmer to tuck in the flab around the waist, thus creating an illusion of an hourglass shaped body. Tankini and figure-flattering one pieces are perfect for you.

Pear shaped - Opposite of apple shape, you have a heavier lower body and well-defined upper body. Tankinis with boy shorts are great for you and so are swimdresses which fits around the lower body. This would give a more balanced look.

Another option is to go for a bikini with a sarong around your hips.

Athletic body shape - You have toned muscles and an overall proportionate body. Athletic body’s main concern is the lack of curves, hence anything that fits snug around the bust and hips is your best bet.

Bikinis with padded tops and conservative bottoms are great. Avoid thongs as they make your hips appear smaller. Striped swimsuits too will help in creating curves.

Hourglass shape - If you have a proportionate body shape with curves at the right places, you need not worry about finding the perfect plus size swimwear. Your body is such that you can put on any swimwear and look sexy!

Bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits are some of the options, and do not forget to get a few Cover-Ups!

While it is extremely important to take the shape into consideration, what’s more important is carrying your plus size swimwear with the right attitude. Forget about stick thin bodies, it is all about curves today. So go out there and pick a swimwear based on the information provided above and rock the upcoming summers.

Also remember that while looking for swimwear go with the best brands, because a lot of times low-quality fabric is used by certain cheap brands. And such fabric are not only uncomfortable, but also bunches embarrassingly near the thighs or shoulders.